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Avoid the Safety Hazard of an Outdated Electrical Panel

Avoid the Safety Hazard of an Outdated Electrical Panel

Schedule an electrical panel upgrade in Philadelphia, PA

Faulty electrical panels aren't just frustrating - they can become a safety hazard if not properly dealt with. That's why you should call My Guy Contracting \ Electrical Remodeling in Philadelphia, PA for an electrical panel upgrade ASAP. We'll make sure your new panel is up to code and meets NEC Standards.

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Here's what you can expect from us

Do your lights frequently flicker? Are your electrical features burning or melting? Don't ignore the signs that you need an electrical panel replacement. Instead, contact us immediately so we can:

  • Obtain the necessary permits
  • Shut off your power and remove the faulty panel
  • Install a new 100- or 200-amp electrical panel
  • Test the panel to ensure it's working properly
If you want to avoid expensive fees from a violation, schedule an electrical panel upgrade today.